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  • Early Bird Tickets for the 2023 Chongqing Auto Show officially open for sale!


    Scan the QR code to purchase tickets and purchase them immediately


    Snatching early bird tickets

    Enjoy five exclusive rights

    (Purchase exclusive before 24:00 on June 8th)


    Exclusive Dual Coupon

    Free 50 yuan hot pot coupon and 50 yuan tea break coupon upon purchase


    Surprise Collection Continuously

    At this scene, there is a doorstep ban and direct delivery of car purchase vouchers, hot pot coupons, etc.


    Car Show VIP Channel

    Eliminate the pain of queuing and enter quickly and conveniently.


    Exclusive rest area

    Free access to refreshments and drinks, with VIP experience for the elderly and children.


    1 ticket for the Chongqing Auto Show

    Unlimited visit dates, discounted ticket prices of 10 to 30 yuan per ticket.

    2023(第二十五届)重庆国际汽车展览会 | Chongqing International Auto Exhibition

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